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Messung Erfi – ASEPL
Messung Erfi

Messung Group, the pioneers of automation industry in India, brings world renowned German technology in the field of ergonomic workstation, ESD worktable, test & measuring devices, antistatic workbench and testing equipment’s. Messung in association with Erfi GmbH has launched German make high quality test and measuring solutions for R&D labs, testing labs, manufacturing departments and training centres spread across many industry verticals like defence, EMS, pharma, automobile and more.

Messung, the pioneers of PLC technology in India and globally recognized business conglomerate, brings the German ‘specialist for workplace ergonomics’ to India. Together with Werksitz GmbH, it offers a comprehensive range of swivel, ergonomic and ESD safe chairs in standard and customized designs for ergonomic workplaces in industry, trade, laboratories, cleanrooms, ESD areas and workshops.

With the help of Messung products, ASEPL provides its customers with integrated solutions that helps increase their productivity.



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